Thursday, August 17, 2006


More Evidence Vaccines Worsen the Avian Flu
Edinburgh University researchers have uncovered another huge hole in the fear-mongering scam that is the avian flu epidemic: Vaccinating chickens against the H5N1 strain may have the opposite effect of worsening the spread of the disease, making all that stockpiling of useless vaccines in America seem even more pointless.
Using mathematical simulations to calculate the spread of the avian flu among flocks of 10,000 caged birds, a minimum 90 percent of the birds would need to be vaccinated just to cut down the risk of an outbreak in half, at best. But that doesn't guarantee some birds won't be infected "silently" anyway.
Scientists believe vaccinating 95 percent would offer a flock enough protection, yett that percentage is difficult to achieve in the real world, which is why Thailand and the UK have ruled out such a program.
Remember, those flu shots being squirreled away in your state to "protect" your health expose you to potent neurotoxins like aluminum and mercury along with other goodies that weaken your immune system, making you far more susceptible to the flu. Safe, natural treatments are always your best defense against the flu.

The Herald August 17, 2006 August 16, 2006

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