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Hormone-Replacement Therapy Harms Hearing

Women who take the most common form of hormone-replacement therapy (HRT) -- the type that includes progestin -- had 10-30 percent more hearing loss than women who did not have the therapy, according to the largest study to date on the topic.
In the 124-women study, those whose HRT included progestin had worse hearing than those who were taking estrogen alone or no HRT. The women on the progestin HRT had hearing of women five to 10 years older, and tests showed problems existed both in their inner ears and in the portions of the brain used for hearing. Other risks of HRT found by past studies include:
Breast cancer
Heart attack, stroke and blood clots

The researchers have plans to study women who have gone off HRT, to see if the hearing loss might be reversible, and they say that women on the birth control pill, which includes progesterone, should also be studied.

Science Daily September 6, 2006

Major Concerns Surround Meningitis Vaccine for College Students

If you are the parent of a college student, or are one yourself, it's important to know the facts about the meningococcal vaccine, which some colleges are making a requirement for incoming students (there are ways around this, though). First, meningitis affects less than one in 100,000 people in the United States each year, and half of these are in infants. O f those who are infected, most recover fully.
The vaccine itself, however, has not been tested to see if it causes cancer or infertility, and it does not protect against at least one-third of the strains of the meningococcal disease, according to the package insert! Before opting for this vaccine, also know that college students who have received it have experienced side effects, including:
Serious symptoms of Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), a condition with similarities to multiple sclerosis
Headaches, fatigue and malaise
Aches and pain in their joints
Past studies have also found that the meningitis vaccine can cause diabetes. For more information on vaccines, including how to exercise your right to decline one, check out my vaccine links page, as well as the site below

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