Friday, February 22, 2008


What If You SUDDENLY RealizedEverything You Thought You Knew About Health Was A Lie?
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Cancer and the Bacterial Connection
In the 1890’s, New York surgeon William Coley tried a radical cancer treatment -- injecting patients with disease-causing bacteria. After weeks of chills and fevers, many showed significant tumor regression, although Coley himself could not explain why.
Some contemporary scientists think Coley had the right idea. Germs may be able to teach your body how to fight back against tumors. While it has not yet been proven, new studies have revealed that certain cancers may be reduced by exposure to disease-causing bacteria and viruses, which result in a boost for your body's natural immunity.The studies also imply that our infection-free lifestyles may be contributing to the rise in cancers over the past 50 years. Germs cause disease, but they may also fortify the body.
Los Angeles Times February 18, 2008

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James Smith said...

You should know about the RIFE treatment! It has been curing Cancer for years, but the AMA and FDA keep putting people in Jail for using it because, "it has not been properly tested". I know a group that just got busted that had an 80% success rate on curing patients that the medical profession said were beyond their help... Basically on deaths door and walking within a couple weeks.