Saturday, April 26, 2008


The HPV Vaccine: Preventive Care or Human Sacrifice?

Reports of adverse reactions to the new HPV vaccine are escalating. One particularly heart-wrenching example is the story 12-year-old Brittany who recently lost all feeling in her leg and collapsed two weeks after receiving the Gardasil vaccine.
Adding insult to injury, people who are injured by the vaccine cannot even sue Merck, the maker of the Gardasil vaccine, because it is part of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund.
While the FDA claims adverse reactions to Gardasil are rare, a review of the U.S.'s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) data shows that several thousands of adverse reactions have been reported in the United States alone. Hundreds of Australian girls have experienced side effects like paralysis, dizzy spells and seizures, but Australia's Department of Health and Ageing refuse to release any details.
According to LifeSiteNews, The European Medicines Agency reports that there were two more women who died not long after they received the vaccine, one in Austria and one in Germany. The Financial Times reports that there have been eleven deaths and a wide array of other adverse reactions, including Bells Palsy, Guillan-Barre syndrome, seizures, blood clotting, heart problems, and even miscarriages and fetal abnormalities amongst pregnant women who received the vaccine .
Natural News April 22, 2008

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