Sunday, July 23, 2006


Bizarre Beasts From the Deep

Bizarre Beasts From the Deep

These five amazing images of bizarre beasts look like photos of creatures from another world. They're actually from the deep oceans here on earth, but I'm betting you've never seen sea life like this before. Among them:

  • An Annelid Worm found at a deep-sea vent
  • A Piglet Squid, which swims upside down
  • A Dumbo Octopus, which has ear-like fins above the eyes, is known to bioluminesce and swims in a bell shape
  • A Cirrate Octopod, covered in light-producing organs that generate a bluish light
  • A Deep Sea Physonect, of which each polyp along the orange stalk is an individual animal July 14, 2006

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