Saturday, July 08, 2006


Leptin: The Amazing Weight Loss Hormone
By Gailon Totheroh CBN News Science and Medical Reporter – (CBN News) - Research on obesity is often not very practical, but research on a natural hormone in the body could be extremely useful now. It could be the key to weight loss and improved health.
In 1994, researchers discovered a hormone called Leptin. Leptin was found to play an important natural role in suppressing appetite and burning more calories.
When you gain a few pounds, more Leptin is produced; your appetite goes down and you use more energy. The result: you lose the pounds.
"Leptin is a very vital hormone in the control of obesity, and when Leptin does not work, you'll become obese,” said University of Florida pharmacologist Philip Scarpace. “And what's worse, once you become obese, then your susceptibility to gaining even greater weight is increased."
Originally, scientists thought overweight people had a Leptin deficiency so they could just get Leptin shots. But then it was discovered that most overweight people had plenty of Leptin.
So why wasn't Leptin doing what it was designed to do? Scientists began looking for the factors interfering with the normal Leptin process. One was insufficient sleep. Research has shown that not getting enough rest has a bad effect on Leptin's effectiveness.
And nutrition research demonstrates that healthy food enables Leptin to work better. When Leptin works as it should, there is less appetite and the fat gradually disappears.
Dr. Leo Galland began to understand the need to make Leptin work properly several years ago, and has now written a practical book to help those fighting the weight battle.
The Fat Resistance Diet explains the science behind Leptin, with guidelines on lifestyle to overcome Leptin resistance -- the factor that keeps you fat.

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