Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Ecstasy: How Dangerous is This Wildly Popular Drug? See what Ecstasy pills can look like (one reason they hold appeal to kids and teens.) Learn the 17 warning signs now that may suggest a child is using this drug. And most important, discover the facts on why Ecstasy - despite what some believe - is anything but "safe." NOTE: Please pass this important article on to anyone you know who has children, especially ages 10 on up!

Petroleum Distillate in Your Lip Gloss and Furniture Polish Shown to Cause Tissue Disease! Petroleum distillates are found in hundreds of products - including this list of 20 common products that most people use. Now it's been shown that (in addition to other risks) they can increase your risk of UCTD, a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that could evolve into diseases like lupus, scleroderma, polymyositis, vasculitis, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome or fibromyalgia.

Inhalants: The Deadly Dangers to Children and Adultsof Accidental and Intentional Abuse Abuse of inhalants as a "recreational" drug is on the rise - especially among teens and preteens. And the health effects are devastating, including Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome. Learn the eight signs of intentional (or accidental) inhalant abuse, the 22 most common inhalants? and PLEASE pass this on to everyone you know with teens and preteens.

Illegal Drugs Identification Chart: What They Look Like & How to Recognize Their Effects See what 29 of the most popular drugs each look like. Learn their effects on the user and other important insights about each drug in this important resource for parents, grandparents, health practitioners, administrators and many others.

EPA Study to Assess the Health Effects of Pesticides on Kids Halted Good news (except to those who were looking forward to the free T-shirts for volunteering their children for the proposed

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